Local Love ATL
to Nov 17

Local Love ATL

It's no secret, We love our locals. Come and show some love for the future sounds of the city as we showcase some of our favourite fresh DJ talents. This is a customer appreciation night where we will be showing the love back with a low fixed door price of $10! Free Entry for Alley Cat Members before Midnight!


The Music Room
327 Edgewood ave
21+ Welcome w/ I.D.

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Chad Andrew
to Dec 2

Chad Andrew

Florida is known for its crazy personalities. Chad prefers to expose his crazy through his music. Don't let his calm and shy demeanor fool you, there is a reason he's part of "VATOS LOCOS", cause this vato's skills behind the decks, is most definitely loco. This American Boy has been tearing up dance floors around the world including major parties in Ibiza and Berlin such as tINI and the gang, Vatos Locos, The BPM Festival, and many more. Don't miss his return.

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The Music Room
327 Edgewood ave
21+ Welcome w/ I.D.

for more shows and
tickets: www.alleycatmusic.club

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Francesca Lombardo
to Nov 4

Francesca Lombardo

Francesca Lombardo has cultivated a sound of her own, one that represents her multidisciplinary

musical background and transcends the dance floor via an emotional narrative

of dreamy soundscapes, stirring melodies and hypnotic rhythms.

Italian-born and classically trained, Francesca carved her path in electronic music. Crisscrossing

the globe as a DJ and live performer, she's played monumental shows including

IMS Dalt Villa, Burning Man, Tomorrowland, Get Lost and Circoloco. In tandem Fracnesca

has built up a formidable back-catalogue of music on esteemed labels: Crosstown Rebels,

Mobilee, Leftroom, One Records and her own Echoe and Echolette imprints amongst others.

Always pushing boundaries in the name of creativity, Francesca’s live show sees

instrumental ensembles of varying sizes perform her intricate productions, whilst her

finesse as a DJ and undeniable vocal prowess further distinguishes her from the crowd.

Now entering a new phase of her career, Francesca prepares to unveil her debut album, a

collection of songs representing the essence of what she’s all about. An LP that is forwardthinking,

powerful and made from the heart. Live musicians feature, merging the world of

electronic music with Francesca’s classical upbringing, set to uplift and engage people

from all walks of life. The outcome is a combination of grand compositions, paired with

subtle, nuanced numbers.

There’s no doubt that Francesca’s passion and drive for innovation in music serves as the

fuel to keep her inspired and relevant, destined to soundtrack our lives for years to come.

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Halloween 2018
to Oct 28

Halloween 2018

“The year is 2099, local authorities have seized all artistic media in an attempt to censor and control all basic forms of expression. An underground resistance of DJ’s have joined forces in an effort to challenge the regime.”

OUT OF BOUNDS Halloween 2018 edition will be a full on Warehouse experience featuring

2 stages with a large collection of Atlanta’s be local DJ talent tapping into the vein of House and Techno music. 7 Hours of heart thumping dance music set in 2077 Atlanta, a foreshadowing to an urban decay brought on by technological advancing.

The Cyber Punk era is among us and we must prepare!


$15 for Members // $20 for Non-Members

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>> Special 2 Day ticket offer

$30 Halloween WKND PASS gets you access 
to both our events at one low price! 

Saturday Oct. 26th
D’Julz @ The Music Room
Support: Micheal Scott & Tocayo

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to Oct 27




Bass Culture Records


If you do not see a ticket window, refresh the page.


$30 Halloween WKND PASS gets you access 
to both our events at one low price! 

Saturday Oct. 27th
Out of Bounds Halloween Edition
@ 645 Shelton ave. SW // Okami
feat 2 stages & 9 DJ's:
Tocayo - Kai Alce - Ash Lauryn - Michael Scott - Sejva
Mike Bradley - Atilla - Merrick - Luke Newman



There are DJs, and then there are DJ’s DJ's.

Julien Veniel, artist name D’Julz, is undoubtedly one of the latter - a true craftsman

behind the decks whose true strongest skill is his ability to go beyond mere genres

and trends, deciding instead to actively shape the ever-changing soundscape of

electronic music through his own productions, DJ performances and parties.

Through a career spanning two and half decades, D’Julz has practically done it all.

He began spinning in Paris, often playing his home city’s much-talked about early

90’s raves and legendary clubs, all before moving to New–York in 1993 to further

hone his skills and cement his reputation as a true taste-maker in his field. The rest,

as they say, is history.

Despite finding himself in high demand in every corner of the globe, from the

States to Japan and countless countries in between, D’Julz has always remained

true to his roots in Paris, where he has been running the now legendary “Bass

Culture” night at Rex club since 1997.

In tandem with the birth of his party D’Julz has dedicated a large amount of time

and energy into the production side of his musical output. Solo-wise his music has

been signed to some of the world’s finest underground labels – Circus Company,

Robsoul, Ovum, Rekids, 20:20 Vision and more. Since D’Julz started producing he

has been responsible for a long list of tracks and remixes that have become

essential weapons in the record boxes of the world’s DJ elite.

As a DJ he exudes class and panache. A gifted curator of music whose pedigree

has earned him a loyal international following and a constant tour schedule which

sees him travel the worlds major cities every week playing the best venues they

have on offer. Not to mention the infamous Circoloco (DC10) where he has held a

long-standing residency, taking charge of the main room and the world-renowned

red terrace room several times each summer season. Each set demonstrating

D’Julz’s uncanny ability to weave his penchant for dub elements into the house

and techno sphere and rocking DC10 with potent groove and sultry rhythms.

D’Julz remains as enthusiastic as he was when he first started DJing, as his Bass

Culture label goes from strength to strength, clocking over 50 releases and he

continues to traverse the globe rocking dance floors every weekend.

A true legend and one who will continue to be at the top of his game…

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Bill Patrick
to Oct 20

Bill Patrick

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Tim Engelhardt
to Oct 7

Tim Engelhardt

Hello, World!

One of Cologne’s youngest and brightest electronic music stars on the rise, Tim Engelhardt didn't gatecrash the scene out of leftfield, but started his path to connoisseurship fairly early on: trying to rewrite the piano pieces he had to practice at the tender age of eight, he showed an independent creative mind from the get-go - a character trait that would prove exremely helpful for a later career as electronic music producer. But it was only when Tim later discovered the releases of Cologne techno luminary Robert Babicz that synthesizers and bass drums moved into focus - a brilliant producer, live performer and mastering engineer with a keen sense for sonic detail, Babicz became the perfect role model for young Tim, inspiring our hero to seek out his own place in electronic music while honing a concise understanding for all facets of production.

Part of a diverse new breed of young producers that get their cues from all sorts of genres and listening situations, Tim still stands apart, having released his very first record when he was just 14 years old. Combining profound musical knowledge with intuitive playfulness, his solid pianist background becomes rather obvious in the great care he takes over harmonies and an expanded melodic structure. Pair that with the organic fluidity and atmospheric dexterity of his music and you've got yourself a winning recipe. Consequently, Tim grew his portfolio with plenty outings on labels such as Traum Schallplatten, WIR, Babiczstyle, Amuse Gueule, Ostwind Records, Popart Music, Playmusic Productions, Parquet Recordings, Manual Music and Steve Bug's iconic Poker Flat Recordings– an impressive amount of label royalty that he's amassed in only four short years. Stay tuned for more Tim Engelhardt on key imprints such as Dixon's Innervisions or Cityfox - exciting things are coming your way.

Underscored by a torrent of remix and release offers, Tim's busy schedule is testament to his growing popularity among electronic music fans - preparations for tours to the US, Asia and India are underway, and also a first trip to Australia has already been checked off that bucket list. Meanwhile, inspiration for Tim's personal brand of melodic house and techno can come from many sources: childhood memories of Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells" playing in his dad's car, a walk in nature - or simply mining his modular synth for happy accidents. Gear, however, is only a means to an end for Tim: rather than drooling over hardware, he celebrates art with a distinct personality - art that carries a piece of its creator inside. To find the most powerful expression for the sounds in his head, that's his mission... which is why Tim's music sounds nothing like your run-of-he-mill, straight-to-DJ floor chow, but subtly turns heads with a cohesive, fully-formed musical vision that shines in the club and at home.








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