The Alley Cat Music Club is Back!

For release Tuesday Oct 8th 2019

It’s been 3yrs since Alley Cat Music has had a place to call home. What started out as a destination in 2016 has since lived up to its name, uprooting and becoming a party brand,  curating events in various unique spaces around the city of Atlanta. Each event has been specially tailored, with attention to detail in sound and aesthetic. It’s highlighted local artists, helping launch the careers of many talented young DJ’s/Producers in the area. Alley Cat has also had the honor of welcoming world class talent like DJ Tennis, Guti, Bill Patrick, Francesca Lombardo, Victor Calderone, Mall Grab, Behrouz, Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins, East end Dubs, Traumer, D’Julz, Volvox, Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves and many more.

We are proud to announce that on Saturday November 2nd 2019, Alley Cat Music is once again planting it’s roots, this time at 182 Courtland St. NE aka Crazy Atlanta. After hosting a full summer of amazing events, it’s finally time to take the next step. The hospitality and willingness to explore new ideas by this very kind and enthusiastic staff has shown us that they truly relate to our core values. 

Starting out we have centered our focus on one event a week. Every Saturday night we will play host to our very own “Pop-Up Nightclub” known once again as “The Alley Cat Music Club”. Here you will find a NEW finely tuned sound system that will fill the room with crystal clear highs coupled with pulsating mids and gut rumbling sub bass. Our team of visual designers are putting together an immersive installation to go with our creative DIY aesthetic. We will feature minimal and intelligent mood lighting, moving and emitting crescendos of light that will energize the dance floor in perfect timing. We are dedicated to making you feel at home while also creating a new vision and exploring uncharted possibilities. 

The Alley Cat Music Club will also be community minded, a “Safe Place” for music lovers from all walks of life. Acceptance of Sex, Race, Culture, Sexual preference, is part of our mantra but also mandatory. Any form of hate speech, homophobia, sexism, ageism, ableism or violence will not be tolerated and will be dealt with respectfully by our very own “Keepers of the vibe”,  (they are more than just staff or security).

We have plenty more information being released in the coming weeks, for now make sure to mark your calendars for the first two big events! Details below!.