The lines have been blurred as to what proper party etiquette should be, so we have constructed our own guideline to help alleviate any misunderstandings. We truly believe that there is a vibrant and sacred culture that goes along with the music we enjoy, and we have adopted the following principles based on the wisdom passed down to us from the pioneers of our movement all over the globe. Keep in mind that a violation of any of the following could result in a revoking of your membership and or permanent banning from all our events. We will make those decisions on a case by case basis. - ACM Team

Guide to proper party etiquette:(according to us)

1. Enjoy the DJ from the dance floor, please leave conversations for before or after his/her performance. The backstage area is invite only and should you be invited backstage please act respectfully and responsibly. Song requests are a cardinal sin and will result in us politely asking you to leave. 

High fives and smiles are encouraged. 

2. Keep your hands to yourself. The unsolicited groping of another person regardless of gender or affiliation will not be tolerated. This is not a dating pool, we are here to dance and enjoy the music. Tinder and bumble exist for a reason. Get a room. 

3. Have fun but Control yourself, we all have our vices, but make sure you know your limits and don’t over due the fun. If you find yourself  unexpectedly over inebriated please contact one of our friendly staff members and we will help you find a safe space to come down or call you an uber home. 

4. No dance floor business deals. The mass selling of any illegal substances, prostitution, human trafficking, and the like, will result in immediate banning. 

5. No Rave toys. This includes glow sticks, flow toys, hula hoops, and Kandy. We believe in Peace Love Unity and Respect but toys are not our vibe. Sorry. Keep it simple…Just dance.

6. Be courteous of others on the dance floor. Everyone is here to dance and we want you to feel the music to the upmost of your ability, but sometimes dance floor space is limited and you can’t go full break dance mode when its packed. Also, if you can’t dance without elbowing those around you, email us and we will be happy to give you some dance pointers, you can never go wrong with a simple two step. 

7. Have a problem with a fellow party goer? Handle it outside. We don’t need the bad vibes on the dance floor. Fighting will get you banned immediately.

8. Limit the use of your cell phone on the dance floor, we prefer you don't use it at all but we know sometimes you can’t help it. If you are trying to catch a totally epic moment, please make sure you don't use your flash. The first time will get you a nasty stare, the abuse of flash will probably get you asked to leave.